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Commercial Auto Insurance

Kalamazoo & Portage MI Commercial Auto Insurance

Kalamazoo & Portage Commercial Auto Insurance

Personal insurance is designed to cover certain incidents. Commercial auto insurance will meet the coverage needs of vehicles used for business purposes. Commercial auto coverage yields savings in offering the right amount of coverage for specific needs.

What It Is:

Commercial insurance covers any incidents involving a vehicle operated by you or an employee. In the event of an accident, the vehicle will have sufficient coverage to handle any claims or injuries. All drivers and any driving activity will be covered as a part of a plan.

Who It Is For:

If you drive the vehicle to provide a service or transport goods for a fee, you may need protection. Of you work in a high-risk field, your liability requirements should be much higher. A commercial policy offers another level of coverage. If you have employees that drive the vehicle for business purposes or if you tow vehicles for commercial reasons, you should consider getting a policy.

How It Works:

The commercial policy will cover any claims filed against the company if an accident occurs. Much like a traditional policy, the commercial policy extends the legal protection mandated by the state as well as any additional coverage needed.


Different Types Of Coverage In Existence:

In addition to the basic policy, several add-ons are available to offer maximum coverage. Liability coverage can be extended for non-owned vehicles or contract workers. Any mobile equipment can be covered under a special liability protection option. Coverage is also available for hired support when a personal vehicle may be in use.

Major Benefits:

Businesses have gone bankrupt over serious accidents due to inadequate coverage. A company may find their profits on the line if they lack sufficient coverage if an expensive claim is filed. A higher level of protection protects the company’s assets, employees and property if a vehicle is every operated for business purposes.

If you have started a business, driven a vehicle for business use, or have purchased one for commercial purposes, you may need a commercial auto insurance quote today to ensure protection. Contact us today for a commercial policy review to verify that you have adequate coverage.